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Start Your Own Business in Africa


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Start your own business in AFRICA

Africa Open for Business

Are you interested in what the new Business opportunities in Africa means for you and your projects? We can help there, advising you on what you need to know and what you need to do. For any industry we can help you find the right partner in AFRICA.

We consult on all aspects of new starts ups business in Africa, Sourcing and identifying agents and Distributors for Indian business men who want to expand their business in Africa. We suggest business and marketing plans and prepare Business Plans for AFRICA BUSINESS PROPOSALS.

In an era of unprecedented growth in global business activities, few regions of the world offer more untapped opportunities to start and own business in Africa. With nearly 800 million inhabitants who have urgent needs for education, energy, environmental protection, clean water, clothing, financial services, food, health care, housing, telecommunications, transportation and tourism development among many others, Africa today presents a huge consumer and industrial market. Yet, only a few Indian, UAE, Ceylon, Singapore US firms are currently engaged in African commerce, providing about seven percent of the continent's imports.

Many Indian and other Asian companies both big and small firms do not have the internal expertise to efficiently utilize available programs and services that would make them successful competitors in the African market place. As such, they are seriously disadvantaged in accessing business opportunities and establishing linkages with African firms.

Our Mission:

To provide effective, competitive and practical business solutions to start and own business in Africa. To optimize their operational efficiency in order to maximize return on investment & ultimately achieve their goals.

We would be glad to provide your company with our expert consulting services to facilitate to take next leap to start and own your business in AFRICA.


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